My First Fancy Food Show & Takeaways

June 29, 2015 Diana Andes

Yesterday, I attended my 1st Fancy Food Show and it was amazing. 

It was great to walk the floor and see all the different vendors, booths, and trends. There was no picture taking allowed, so my husband and I took many, many, mental notes. As we walked the floor, we looked for a bunch of things. These were my takeaways.

Booth Presentation

We really liked the booths that were clear on what they were selling, and good with their branding. The best booth we saw had a wall of their product just lined up on the shelves. It was really clear what their product was and we understood their brand and image right away. Sometimes the fancy lights draw attention, but just be careful not to overdo it. It can look confusing and distracting.

Sample Presentation

We definitely liked the booths that had the samples out front for people to try. Some booths had their samples guarded or tucked in the back. I'm sure they have their reasons but it seemed people were more inclined to try them if they were easily accessible. Also make sure there is someone who's job is to refill the samples!! there were some booths that couldn't keep up with refilling the samples and people walked away. Oops!


A friendly sales person is very important important. There were some that did not even acknowledge us when we walked in their booth. Maybe because they knew we weren't buyers, but based on their rude sales person, I will not be a customer of their product. On the otherhand, we chatted with a really nice lady who was selling jams. She encouraged us to try them, and was so down to earth that I took her business card and going to order from them. You never know who you're speaking with!

A sales person who knows the brand is also important. They should know your product line, and a bit about the company history.

Sell Sheets

There were some booths with great take home materials. They had great sell sheets telling us about their product, and also some recipe cards that you could take home.

Overall, we had a great time and got a lot of great takeaways. I'm glad I went, and would love to go back again for the next one. Definitely a must see for any food entrepreneur.



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