Creating Your Food Label

July 03, 2015 Diana Andes

I just placed my order with Tadbik for 3,000 labels. YIKES! I can't say I know everything about labels, but here are some helpful tips I picked up and learned along the way. 

1. KNOW FDA GUILDELINES: Make sure you follow the Food Label Guidelines as found on FDA Site. This is VERY important. If you are working with a center like Rutgers Food Innovation center, they can help you proof your label to make sure you have everything in order. Read this before you even start your label design!

2. USE EXISTING DIES: You can save yourself a few hundred bucks if you use existing dies that a label company already has. If you want to do a special shape, you'll need to pay for it. If you have a company in mind, you can ask them for existing sizes and design into it.

3. WHAT WILL A SHELF OF YOUR PRODUCT LOOK LIKE? Keep your bottle shape in mind and what it will look like when sitting side by side on a shelf. I used round jars and put 5 of them next to each other. I measured how much of the front label was visible and made sure the important information like brand/product name was visible within these parameters. Make sure it looks good next to each other!

4. KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT: You need to know what temperature your product will be when the labels are being applied. This is extremely important to make sure that the labels don't peel off. You also need to make sure the labels will stay on if your product needs to be stored in a freezer or refrigerator. These are all important things to discuss with your label company.

5. WHAT TYPE OF LABEL MACHINE: Before you print, find out what type of labeling machine your copacker, or commerical kitchen has. The label printing company will need to do "rewind position" for labels, quantity per roll, and maximum outer diameter of roll.

6. PROOF, PROOF, PROOF: Lastly, ask someone else to take another look at your label before printing. I had several people look at it to make sure everything was correctly spelled and the grammar was correct. A 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th pair of eyes is good.

That's it!! Now, I'm just waiting for my labels to come in. Let's keep fingers crossed everything goes well!

Here's a mock up of our Chili Chutney labels.


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